The 2019 exhibition featured 18 site-responsive installations by architects, designers, academics, artists, and graphic designers. These designers created outdoor installations and experiences that use Columbus’ built heritage as inspiration and context, while highlighting the role that visionary community plays in growing a vibrant, sustainable, and equitable city.

For inspiration, Exhibit Columbus looked to the 1986 exhibition, Good Design and the Community: Columbus, Indiana, created when Columbus business leader and philanthropist J. Irwin Miller became the first person inducted into the National Building Museum Hall of Fame in Washington. Mr. Miller chose to emphasize the community’s process and involvement in building, rather than the architecture itself, as a source of his hometown pride.

Elaborating on the connection between the tangible and intangible culture that Mr. Miller described, the 2019 exhibition explored the idea of “good design in the community,” and what it means today.

“Architecture is something you can see. You cannot see a spirit or a temperament or a character, though, and there is an invisible part of this community of which I am very proud because, in a democracy, I think that the process is more important than the product.”

– J. Irwin Miller

The Washington Post, 1986

Installations and exhibits are located in iconic sites throughout Columbus and many are designed with an interactive element. The aim is for individuals of all abilities to have an equitable experience at the exhibit. Due to occasional site limitations, structures may be located on uneven ground or raised levels without complete access.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Exhibit Columbus believes in creating an environment that supports individuals of all abilities; deepening the level of engagement and exchange among all people. We are committed to removing barriers and ensuring equitable access to the exploration of architecture, art and design. Through intentional, ongoing efforts we work to provide inclusive and accessible experiences for exhibitions and programs.