The J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize is the centerpiece of Exhibit Columbus’ exhibition and symposium and honors two great patrons of the Columbus community. The Miller Prize Recipients are international leaders that were selected for their commitment to the transformative power that architecture, art, and design has to improve people’s lives and make cities better places to live.

With this award, we bring these studios’ unique perspectives to Columbus to explore the traditions and values that have created this city’s internationally-renowned design legacy. Each studio has been paired with a significant downtown site to create new forms that allow us to rediscover their purpose, while further connecting people to place and community.

Agency Landscape + Planning (Cambridge, MA)

Bryony Roberts Studio (New York, NY)

Frida Escobedo Studio (Mexico City, Mexico)

MASS Design Group (Boston, MA; Kigali, Rwanda)

SO-IL (New York, NY)