The J. Irwin and Xenia S. Miller Prize is the centerpiece of Exhibit Columbus. This award honors the legacy of two of the twentieth century’s greatest patrons of architecture, art, and design, and a family whose visionary commitment to community remains unparalleled. The 2018-19 Miller Prize Recipients are international leaders in their fields and bring unique perspectives in connecting people to place and community. They have been selected for their commitment to the transformative power that architecture, art, and design have to improve people’s lives and make cities stronger.

Through their previous work in architecture, planning, landscapes, and performance the five recipients have already made positive impact on cities and communities around the globe. With this award they will have the opportunity to bring their unique perspectives to Columbus, while exploring the traditions and values that have created this city’s international design legacy.

Agency Landscape + Planning (Cambridge, MA)

Bryony Roberts Studio (New York, NY)

Frida Escobedo Studio (Mexico City, Mexico)

MASS Design Group (Boston, MA; Kigali, Rwanda)

SO-IL (New York, NY)

The Miller Prize is an invitation to make a new idea and an intervention in response to a landmark site in Columbus, incorporating the recipients’ unique cross-disciplinary expertise in creating meaningful spaces. Each Miller Prize site is a nexus point where the layers of Columbus’ architectural, social, and cultural history—from the 19th century to the present day—are visible in the surrounding environment. While the sites are deeply interwoven into the life of the city, they function so often as pathways and backdrops to daily work, education, and play that their significance is too frequently overlooked. In dialogue with the architects, artists, and community leaders who made their mark on this city, the Miller Prize uses modern monuments and the context of our community as crucible to form a new body of ideas and conversations in architecture, art, and design.