The Exhibit Columbus University Design Research Fellowship was created to showcase current research by leading professors of architecture and design and highlight innovative research exploring ways that architecture and design can improve people’s lives and make cities stronger. Exhibit Columbus is proud to award six fellowships to professors representing eight universities.

Viola Ago and Hans Tursack
The Ohio State University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Sean Ahlquist
University of Michigan

Christopher Battaglia
Ball State University

Sean Lally and Matthew Wizinsky
University of Illinois at Chicago and University of Cincinnati

Daniel Luis Martinez and Etien Santiago
Indiana University

Marshall Prado
University of Tennessee

Columbus has a long history of using architecture, art, and design to make transformative investments in education. We believe it is important to further this effort by inviting public universities in our region to engage with the design legacy of Columbus through their participation in the 2018 National Symposium and the 2019 exhibition.