Our project creates an entry portal that welcomes the community to participate in the school’s public programming at The Republic Building, which is set back from the urban fabric of the city and whose entrances are discreet. A structural framework is clad in CNC-milled panels that form a continuous, perforated ribbon extruding out from the building’s north vestibule. Though the exterior finish is matte white in reference to Goldsmith’s painted steel building, the interior reveals a kaleidoscope of color. An inner layer of mirrored panels reflects patterns of light and shadow throughout the day. The project is a direct embodiment of our desire to extend a welcoming hand to the local community and visitors alike.

Daniel Luis Martinez and Etien Santiago are assistant professors in Indiana University’s new J. Irwin Miller Architecture program, based in Columbus, Indiana. Martinez researches architecture at the intersection of analog craft and digital technology with a focus on relating the potential of digital design methodologies to the values of place. Co-founder of LAA Office, a multi-disciplinary design studio, Martinez holds a master of architecture degree from the University of Florida and has worked at leading architectural practices in New York, including Allied Works and Weiss/Manfredi. Santiago is an architect and historian who investigates the impact of new technologies on architecture and society. He holds a master of architecture degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where he is completing a doctoral dissertation that uncovers how modern architects revolutionized affordable housing by borrowing materials and building methods developed during World War I. Santiago has worked for architectural firms including the Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Genoa, Italy.

My research aims to understand a moment of transition in our culture from a tradition of analog craft towards a more automated, digital future. I believe that paradigm shifts in society, such as the one we are currently experiencing in terms of fabrication and representation, provide a rich context for exploring architecture’s capacity to embody civic and social ideals. – Daniel Luis Martinez

The purpose of my historical research is to tease out the ideas that lie buried within past material designs; the goal of my design work is to explore how new ideas about the world as a whole can lead us to unprecedented kinds of material designs. – Etien Santiago