Exhibit Columbus considers graphic design a key component of the exhibition, and the 2020–21 cycle of programming is tied together by a graphic design system designed by Jeremiah Chiu of Some All None in Los Angeles. As part of the 2021 Exhibition, Chiu will create an Environmental Design and Wayfinding system to form a continuous language that serves to inspire, educate, and connect to Exhibit Columbus’ purpose and the New Middles theme to the public.

Jeremiah Chiu
Los Angeles

Some All None Jeremiah Chiu is Los Angeles-based graphic designer, artist, musician, and educator. From 2008-16 he served as co-founder and principal of Plural, an award-winning and internationally recognized design studio. In addition to Plural, he has worked with Project Projects, IN-FO.CO, and was the Sr. Art Director at Compass.

Jeremiah’s current practice, Some All None, is an extension of Plural—working at the intersection of art, music, technology, and publishing. The studio is focused on activating graphic design beyond a traditional commercial practice, working equally to re-imagine its role in a capital society and to implement it as a tool for community organization, social activation, and experimental expression.

He is a resident DJ at Dublab and Lumpen Radio, and has exhibited/performed at The Getty Center, LACMA, Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, amongst others.