Columbus’ architectural legacy and its impact on the community started with investments made in the schools. The commissioning of innovative, well designed educational facilities helped lead to what can be seen today: a quality, forward-thinking educational system. What once began as a way to make the public school experience better for children has now become a core leadership value of the city.

Inspired by Miller's vision, Exhibit Columbus seeks to educate the next generation of the Columbus community about its design heritage through the High School Design Team. Students from the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation (BCSC) will create an installation as part of the 2021 exhibition.

2020–21 High School Design Team Leaders

Naricyn Andis
Brody Copas
Harley Grant
Chase Jones
Andrew Krueger
Alyson Le
Eshaan Mehta
Grishma Pitkar
Alex Thomas

Darin Johnson, C4 Instructor

The influence of architecture with which we are surrounded in our youth affects our lives, our standards, our tastes when we are grown, just as the influence of the parents and teachers with which we are surrounded in our youth affects us as adults.

– J. Irwin Miller