Columbus-area Schools

The Exhibit Columbus High School Design Team is made up of six students interested in design and architecture. Under the guidance of a team of experts, they met weekly during their 2016-2017 school year to explore, learn, design, propose, and construct. In the fall, members of the Design Team will be attending Bard College, Indiana University, University of Illinois, and Virginia Tech. The team is composed of aspiring architects, designers, artists, museum archivists, and marketing professionals.

Columbus East High School
Mila Lipinski
Tim Rix
Josie Royer

Columbus North High School
Tim Cox
Kyle Kingen
Jane Phillips

Design Team Advisory Group
Jee Yea Kim, Indiana University
Travis Perry, Tovey-Perry Co.
Randy Royer, Hitchcock Design Group
T. Kelly Wilson, Indiana University Center for Art + Design

Between the Threads would not have been possible without the dozens of volunteers who donated their time wrapping metal frames.

I've learned to appreciate my hometown more than I ever have before.

Kyle Kingen, Class of 2017, Columbus North High School