Another Circle by Aranda\Lasch responds to the strong formal and architectural elements already present in Mill Race Park, using 1,100 pieces of salvaged Indiana limestone to tie together the round lake, the People Trail, and the river with a new 3.5-acre stone circle. While the design hearkens back to ancient henges and modern earthworks, its primary goal is to articulate fields of activity for contemporary park visitors. Within the circle, stones are placed, stacked, or arrayed to create a theater and areas for discussion, games, and relaxation: a loose gathering of function inside a scattering of stone.

Miller Prize Winner

Aranda\Lasch is a design firm based in Tucson, Arizona, and New York City that is led by Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch. Their practice is rooted in experimental research and innovative building. They design buildings, installations, and furniture through a deep investigation of structure and materials. Winners of the United States Artists Award and Young Architects Award, their early architectural projects are the subject of the book Tooling. Aranda\Lasch is included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art , New York and has exhibited internationally in galleries and museums including the Venice Biennale; Museum of Arts and Design; Serpentine Gallery; Chamber Gallery; Swiss Institute, Design Miami; TBA-21; and the Chicago Architecture Biennial in which they will participate again this fall.

Fabrication sponsors

Bybee Stone
Taylor Bros Construction Company

Miller Prize Site

Mill Race Park, 1992
Michael Van Valken­burgh Associates with architecture by Stanley Saitowitz
50 Carl Miske Drive

Serene and ennobling, Michael Van Valkenburgh and Stanley Saitowitz’s Mill Race Park replaces what was once a troubled area. The floodplain was the site of the Mooney Tannery in the 19th century and later the “Death Valley” shantytown. The area first became a park in the 1960s. In 1993, landscape architect Van Valkenburgh completed a redesigned park that honored the site’s heritage and ecology while looking to the future. The Round Lake acts as the visual center to the water-dominated composition. Saitowitz designed the architectural elements, including an Observation Tower offering a view of Columbus’ downtown architecture.

Material and Fabrication

Another Circle was created from 1,100 pieces of off-cut limestone sourced at Bybee Stone Company in Bloomington, IN. When quarried limestone is cut to shape, the off-cut scraps are piled in the stone yard and rarely used again. This reclaimed material was sorted by hand and installed in the park using a unique technology developed for the project. With GPS mapping, Aranda\Lasch was able to plot out the locations of stones and translate the coordinates through mobile phones to their Columbus-based installation team, Taylor Brothers Construction. Guided by this mapping system, Taylor Brothers placed and stacked each stone individually.

Another Circle provides a solution for the vast amount of salvaged limestone prevalent in Indiana, a beautiful natural resource that is integral to the state’s history and character.

Aranda / Lasch