The Environmental Design and Wayfinding unifies the many facets of the exhibition through a system of color-coded installation kiosks and an exhibition guide design by Thirst, with complimentary guides in the form of a Family Activity Guide designed by Rosten Woo, and the Hear/Here app created by Halsey Burgund.

Exhibit Columbus considers Environmental Design and Wayfinding as the 18th installation as it forms a continuous language that serves to inspire, educate, and connect to Exhibit Columbus’ purpose and the exhibition theme.

Rick Valicenti of Thirst designed Exhibit Columbus’ identity and is responsible for the 2019 exhibition’s Environmental Design and Wayfinding system. Thirst’s award-winning system has been formed as a re-expression of mid-century optimism, and aligns with Alexander Girard’s color palette for the Miller House and Garden interiors and Paul Rand’s enduring identity program for the Columbus Area Visitors Center.

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Thirst (Chicago, IL) is a communication design practice that works extensively with design, cultural, and civic communities. Their work lives at the threshold between art and science, resulting in keepsake artifacts and unique experiences. Thirst believes design is integral to the human condition, that it allows us to connect with one another, and compels us to slow down and pay attention.

Exhibit Columbus wants to provide an enjoyable and meaningful experience for all ages. The Family Activity Guide invites children and families to learn about and interact with the exhibition, as well as interpret Columbus’ design heritage.

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Rosten Woo (Los Angeles, CA) is an artist, designer, writer, and educator who produces civic-scale artworks and works as a collaborator and consultant to a variety of grassroots and non-profit organizations. Through his design practice, Woo helps people understand complex systems, re-orient themselves to places, and participate in group decision-making.

Hear/Here is an interactive location-based audio app that offers an aural exploration of the exhibition and invites visitors to upload their own voices. Historic audio clips, insights from community members, and interviews with exhibition participants come together in the Hear/Here app––creating a new way to interact with the exhibition and experience the city’s design legacy.

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Halsey Burgund (Boston, MA) is a sound artist and musician who makes extensive use of spoken human voice recordings as musical elements, alongside traditional and electronic instruments. His work is a combination of socio-anthropological 'research', musical documentary, and contributory experience.