Exhibit Columbus is a program of Landmark Columbus Foundation and embodies its mission by being a locally responsive and globally engaged proponent for the design heritage of Columbus. Through symposia, exhibitions, public events and guided tours, online and print publications, and educational activities, Exhibit Columbus interprets Columbus’ design heritage and engages a diverse public of community members, students, professionals, and enthusiasts.

Exhibit Columbus makes Columbus’ design legacy relevant to existing and new audiences by producing projects and events that celebrate and inspire investments in architecture, art, and design.

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Land Acknowledgment

Landmark Columbus Foundation acknowledges that this area has been a site of human activity for more than 12,000 years through the rich and vibrant cultures of the Adena, Hopewell, Cahokia, Shawnee, Miami, and Kickapoo, and Delaware Nations. In a state named for Indians, in a city named for Christopher Columbus, we recognize that many people called this region home centuries before the first Europeans arrived.

Although this land was ceded to the United States of America by the Miami and Delaware Nations through the Treaty of St. Mary’s in 1818, we recognize that the languages, culture, and traditions of these nations continue to this day. At the natural confluence of waterways and rich soil, the Columbus area has long drawn people to gather. As we continue to make Columbus the best city of its size, we strive to be good stewards of this land and place, as those before us.

For more information about land acknowledgements, please visit the Indiana University First Nations Educational and Cultural Center.

Exhibit Columbus is an exploration of community, art, architecture, and design that activates the design legacy of Columbus, Indiana.